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Luxury Caravans


Off Road Caravan

Luxury Caravans are supprisingly affordable item for most Australian's. We create a range of models that feature our special brand of practical luxury. Giving you first-class comfort, convenience and durability. When people wander around our diverse range of caravans the light bolb comes on, the realising

When people wander around our diverse range of caravans the light bulb comes on when they realize that luxury 5 star living is possible. You can quite easily upgrade your standard of living when purchasing a luxury caravan.


Most of us have worked hard for a long time with few holidays and sacrificing a lot to get by. Housing is expensive in Australia so the basic run down featureless fibro home is expensive, yet the most luxurious caravans with all the modern features of a new luxury apartment are up to $200K less than the fibro home.


It makes more of us question…

What do we want out of life?

How can we make the most out of your hard earned money?

How can you make your life less stressful?

Elite Caravans is well known for its luxury finishes. Utilising modern décor and long lists of inclusions, its caravans have won over many fans. Their range of caravans are a combination of off road and highway vans.

The end result in this collaboration has been a caravan that offers you all of life’s little luxuries, yet can still make it to your favourite free-camping spots without any problems. Strong construction and off-road suspension set this caravan up for your freecamping without any problems.

The dinette's are finished in leather (optional) to provide plenty of comfort to relax in after a long day of travel. Large storage drawers are located underneath the seats so you’ve got some space to store your table decorations or other cooking equipment and the table is large enough to accommodate a family, yet isn’t so large that it will get in the way of your seating area.



Goulburn in Action


The Video above gives a shows your the features of the

Goulburn Off-Roader.

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The Goulburn tested on Gibb River Road

How does it handle?

New Goulburn owners Frank and Lee took some time out to give us a review of how the van handled the famous Gibb River Road on their virgin journey...


"I thought I would relay my observations on our Elite Goulburn off road. We picked it up on 1st June and a week later we were off to The Kimberley for 5 weeks. Our trip took us straight up the Stuart Hwy to Katherine, across to Kunnunura and then onto to the Gibb River Road through the heart of the Kimberley. We traveled into El Questro, then to Home Valley and onto Mount Barnett. Anyone who's been on the Gibb River Road knows how bad and long the corrugations are. The Goulburn handled it with ease. There were also at least half a dozen river crossings that were also a breeze. The van was truly rock solid.